Soul Eater - Tsubaki and Black Star ((lol they look like they're doing the opening sequence for Team Rocket))

Tsubaki Black Star from Soul Eater. Probably one of the most awesome weapon and meister duo ever!

Soul x Maka

Their relationship is weird! Like they live together (with a cat/witch thing), they touch each other (without getting EW), and they're ALWAYS together! And they "hate" each other!

Soul eater, Lord Death, Death the Kid, funny, text

Soul eater, Lord Death, Death the Kid, funny, text I have never noticed that before!

I would trade out some of those couples for others, but hey, there're some good ones on here, like SoMa, and Kyo x Tohru

Couples Naruto, Bleach, One piece .I agree with most of these but the Naruto Sukara, it should be Naruto and Hinata.

Soul and Maka kiss

Soul Eater And Maka Albarn asjfskajfgjsgfj ♥ Anime: Soul Eater

I might sound really stupid right now because I don't know if this is a scene from an anime episode or just made up, but either way, it's just hilarious! :D

Poor Soul~ I saw a comic like that and had to draw it in a Soul Eater version. 2 hours maybe, so it's nothing spec. Say Daddy - Soul Eater

Soul Evans, Maka Albarn, falling, couple, cute, text; Soul Eater

To an outsider to the series, it may look like he wants to hurt someone, but that's just how his face works. <<<< this is kinda accurate actually xD