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Soulmate, soul connection, soulful living; what some of us require to be fully authentic.

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Kindred Spirits | #INTJ || It happens so rarely - what else can you expect when only 0.8% of women are your type??

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Connection doesn't care about the laws of the land. Your soul will be pulled to the place it belongs.

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"The coming together, the happening of the pure Tantra, is the result of being truly quiet. Like really, truly transcending the desire body, where it doesn’t become a suppression of the sexual energy, it doesn’t become a suppression of what life herself wants when love just gets to play and do what it does, in that play, in that dedication. The game of God heh?" From "Black Warrior" by Aisha Salem

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I felt familiar and like i know you from a long time,when the first time i saw you.and my soul connected with you even I've never met you,and i can feel the fire inside of me every time i see you.

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How true,some just have it,regardless of shape or size...

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