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10 cute patches you’ll want to put on your denim jacket immediately

studysthetics: “ 2nd april - some geography notes from the last few days. my current study music is just exo and bts and I’m not sorry at all ✨(from my ig @ ”

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Im Not Sorry About Your Fragile Masculinity Button Badge - Rainbow Badge - Feminist Badge

It would have been obvious to the original audience that Chaucner is trying to question the pardoner's masculinity because, as everyone knows, you're only a man if you have facial hair and a deep voice 😒😒😒

Sometime it hurts when the shoe fits. I'm not mean tho, I speak my mind and don't fabricate things; sometimes ppl get offended bc the shoe fits. .

Nobody will ever understand me. What is sad is when you said it had been two years. Not until your birthday because we were still together on mine. Hmm make me wonder how long you and Charlie have been together. Seeing as how he said you had a boyfriend when he met you? Hmm... Strange. I never deserved that. I'm sorry I was an asshole but I didn't deserve that.

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Hilarious Quotes For Sarcastic Women Who Honestly Don't Give A F*ck

Sorry I'm not sorry. | 'I'm 97% sure you don't like me, but I'm 100% sure I don't care." -Unknown