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Ole Miss sororities were ranked No. 1 in the nation of most attractive sororities by Around the SEC, Alabama was…

America's Biggest Frats and Sororities, Ranked by Their Celebrity Alumni

The first paragraph is awful, actual embarrassment to whatever university she was allowed to attend. Top 100 Colleges With Most Attractive Sororities

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Join A Sorority

Last week on January 10th I celebrated my 4th year anniversary of signing my bid card for Sigma Sigma Sigma. I am continually obsessed with my sorority, even now as I have been a sorority alumna for about 8 months now (crazy I know!) Today I am sharing 10 things I think you should know before you join a sorority. The Ranking Of The Sorority You Love Is Just A Number Sorority rankings are going to happen. There are whole sites about rankings and your friends on campus will surely have…

The Truth about Sorority "rankings"

Sending out "good luck" baskets to other sororities will not only make your chapter look good in the Panhellenic community, but the other girls will LOVE what's inside them!


The Truth about Sorority "rankings"


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