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COLLEGE CHRONICLES: Sorority Life Explained

Sorority Life Explained - Sororities seem to be a huge mystery on campus. You ask one of your friends about them, but they can't let you in on the "secrets." Television and movies have greatly idealized Greek life, making us not know what's truth and what's a lie. Well, if you are still curious about Greek life, check out this post that explains everything!


Tips To Get Through Sorority Recruitment

Breathe. Just breathe. It’s sorority recruitment time, you’re in the midst of hundreds of girls, your Pi Rho Chi (Greek councilor) has just told you there’s a possibility of not being called back by any house and a million thoughts are rushing through your head. Wait, what did she just say? Ugh, shoot, hopefully it […]


Starbucks inspired sorority craft - white and gold - Sigma Sigma Sigma - Tri Sigma


Dress (on right)

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