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Are you wondering what's causing your sore throat? Strep throat, is a particularly severe form of sore throat that is caused by a bacterial infection. But most sore throats are caused by viral illnesses and are not responsive to treatment with antibiotics. Here are some foods that are capable of treating both!

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No. Complete rubbish. Marshmallow ROOT has been used to treat the stuff listed but seeing as how marshmallows such as the ones pictured are not made with marshmallow root, they would not possess any of the supposed "healing" properties attributed to such.

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Foot reflexology points. Maybe this will come in handy? Then again...maybe not. ??? - Click image to find more Hair & Beauty Pinterest pins

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WebMD explores the types and causes of sore throat, including strep throat, and shows you how to find relief from that raw, scratchy feeling.

Fruit & Vegetable Juice Recipes - Juicing is a healthy way to lose weight, but it also helps out any existing health condition you have. There are juicing recipes for everything from acne, allergies, to detoxing, to helping with Leukemia, Migraines, Pain, Sore Throats & Ulcers to list a few.

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Increase resistance to this natural, inexpensive drinks add in a bit of grated ginger

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THE BEST Relief for a sore throat: 1 tsp. Cinnamon + 2 tsp. Honey + 8 to 10oz. of hot water = tickle in throat gone, pain from sore throat gone, cough soothed :) Repeat as necessary ** get the best tasting cup use ground Saigon cinnamon a good quality honey like Dutch Gold pictured here, others taste good but not as good as when you use Saigon cinnamon :)**

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tunes. Meant to clear a blocked nose and sooth a sore throat but mixed with Lucazade it just made you feel more sick.

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