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Sore Throat For Weeks

Juice of 6 fresh lemons 1 bulb garlic 2 tsp ginger powder 2 tbsp honey 3 cups pineapple juice 1/4 tsp cayenne powder Blend all ingredients thoroughly and store in a glass jar. Take 1 cup 4 times a day until the symptoms are resolved.


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Beat that sore throat QUICK ...I didn't use the vinegar but found this did make throat feel better

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10 Brilliant Mom Hacks For Sick Kids


For a sore throat - cut up 2 lemons drop in small mason jar, pour raw honey over til it fills up about 1/3 of jar. You'll see juice from the lemon being drawn out by the honey & swirling together. Let sit in fridge, over the next few weeks lemon will darken & the mixture will thicken. The peels & pulp break down as well & leave behind a golden, lumpy marmalade that you can scoop into a cup & poor piping hot water over Add Cinnamon and Ginger for more Antibacterial fighting Goodness