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Cabin beds, Midi Beds, High Sleeper beds, Childrens Beds, Teenager beds, all made in our UK Factory with Direct prices.


Why street photography is facing a moment of truth

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Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei says she's comfortable with her body shape

Confidence boost: Despite his bodybuilder physique, Sophie revealed Joel is a fan of her womanly shape and constantly tells her she's beautiful

(FC: LDShadowLady) "Hi there! My names Lizzie and I'm 21. I love animals, fairy stories, video games, and the weird world of tumblr. I'm also a YouTuber that does gaming videos! Anyways, what's your name?"


"Stay back." My voice was shaky but I tried to keep it firm. "Sophie, Sophie." Reed coed. "I never thought that it would come to this." I held the gun as steadily as I could, I was loosing blood quickly and I was becoming weak. "I almost trusted you Reed." I yelled at him. His face expression marked that he was as hurt as I was. "You should still trusted me." He said quietly. "Why?" I remarked. "Because, other wise, we're both dead." He whispered. -By Kelly Stranberg <-------- last pinner