Aside from the gratuitous Jax pin... I really am a huge fan of this show.  The twists and turns, the depth of the story line..... True entertainment!

Exclusive First Look: Sons of Anarchy's Official Season 5 Poster Underscores Huge Clay/Jax Rift

When does Sons of Anarchy Season 6 come out on DVD and Blu-ray? Release date set for August Also Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Redbox, Netflix, and iTunes release dates. Jackson Teller's father started a motorcycle club called the Sons of Anarchy a v.

Sons of Anarchy was my favorite tv show ever made. I was very upset when it ended. It first started in 2006 and became a top show in ratings. It shared a lot of good times, blood, sweat and tears. It showed you about how life is to others and if you think you got it bad in life. This show will show you different aspects of life, especially when it comes to love, friends, family and loyalty. You can heck it out on Netflix. It's a very good show.

Kurt Sutter Talks Sons of Anarchy Season 5 and a Prequel Series Featuring the First Nine

Kurt Sutter Talks Sons of Anarchy Season 5 and a Prequel Series Featuring the First Nine - The creator of FX's hit biker drama revealed many bits from Season 5 that will center on Charlie Hunnam's Jax being in charge of the gang.

SONS OF ANARCHY Season 6 - New Trailer Rides In! — GeekTyrant

SONS OF ANARCHY Season 6 - New Trailer Rides In!

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Trailer 2 Episode One Synopsis, Poster. The Sons of Anarchy: Season 6 TV show trailer first episode synopsis, TV show poster fe

Sons of Anarchy. This is how I picture my MC of my current WIP only with shorter dark hair and a shorter beard.

Sons Of Anarchy Jax Fleece Throw Cuddle up with Jax Teller, the SAMCRO President and Sons of Anarchy heartthrob played by Charlie Hunnam. Machine wash/line dry.

Dexter is over (& was awesome!) now it's time to catch up on SOA once & for all!

Which Sons Of Anarchy Man Is Your Soulmate?

Sons of anarchy - TV show i have enjoyed the most in recent years - SAMCRO SOA

Sons+Of+Anarchy+Cast | Sons of Anarchy - cast

All My Sons

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Wallpaper and background photos of SAMCRO for fans of Sons Of Anarchy images.

Now go somewhere you can be alone and imagine him saying this to you. | 23 Reasons Opie Is The True Dreamboat Of Sons Of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy quote "I promise to treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my Harley"

"Sons Of Anarchy" on FX --- If Jax's super-sexy back tattoo isn't enough to get you watching, you're either a straight man, a gay woman, or dead. Oh, how I love "Sons Of Anarchy!" Even if the writers are doing the minimum necessary to continue the series, a major flaw of American television. But even a sub-par "Sons Of Anarchy" is better than anything else on American television right now.

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Thomas Teller is the son of Jax Teller and Tara Knowles. Younger brother of Abel Teller. Thomas is named after Jax’s deceased brother and Gemma’s second son.

Sons Of Anarchy Minions version. Best minions I've seen so far!! Tell me why juice is the most realistic one.


This is so random and hilarious. If you watch SOA and have seen Despicable Me, you will think this is hilarious!

Sons of Anarchy

Gemma Teller Morrow

Gemma Teller Morrow (Katey Sagal's best role EVER! This woman is so hard to hate on the show. she does so good in SOA. I like Gemma. :D Sons of Anarchy, great tv, female beauty, portrait, photo b/w.