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Teenager Post #10578 - "Just a somethin girl, blah blah blah blah blaaah blaaaaah blaahhhhhh GOIN ANYWHERE! DOOOOON'T STOP BELIEVE'IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (UPDATE: Holy-..Woah, that's a lot of repins. This just shows that whatever war we end up fighting, we can still have the knowledge of knowing that everyone can always relate to not knowing the words to selective songs. There you go planet earth, we actually can talk about something beside race and zombies!)

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Thank you!!! I don't have to know what type of breed of dog they had when they were five or anything like that!!! Just be happy someone likes the same band you do!

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Yep, its a bit of cultural osmosis- and if you isolated like me you DIDN'T know all the games and songs that everyone else seemed to know...

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I know I already saved this but, I just wanted to say I memorized this whole thing and sang it to my friends!! They laughed and lagged and they wanted me to make copies for them!!! It was hilarious you should have seen everyone else in class their faces... Me and !my friends are such dorks!!!

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Good to know. I can't wait to play this everyday and make my parents hate me.

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Hawaii's spectacular ocean waves – in pictures

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Green Day (I love Green Day soooo much i know all the lyrics to Jesus of Suburbia which is like 9 minutes long! haha I'm kind of obsessed)

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You don't need to know all the members. And with all the bands I like (a shit ton) it's just impossible.

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My friend isn't a HUGE fan of Twenty One Pilots, but even he knows that there is no song called Blurryface

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