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Carlisle is the coolest vampire I have ever seen in my life. Rosalie's pretty epic. And Edward is running from Abraham Lincoln, as he is a vampire hunter.


Breaking Dawn Part 2, a Thousand Years Part 2~ Christina Perri makes me cry!! :'''''''''( the day we met frozen i held my breath, right from the start i knew that i found a home for my heart, beats fast colors and promises how to be brave.....:''''''(


redcandle17: Sansa Stark by Magali Villeneuve Wow. Not only is this beautiful, but the scene is instantly recognizable as Sansa arriving at Petyr’s dreary towerhouse on the littlest of the Fingers. Ms.Villeneuve is the artist for the 2016 A Song of Ice and Fire calendar, which I am now eagerly anticipating. Here’s a link to some of the art she’s done for other official ASoIaF projects: