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I'll try to be perfect but I wont try to be fake. I think this is a distinction we all need to learn.

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How Low Can You Go

We have a large variety of lighting products in all materials from wood, mason jars and more and if you would want us to make for you something, we can do it. Just contact us. Don't forget we have two web stores! Ambient Wood Funishing Vintage Amp Funk

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lately i've been losing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be. - one republic, counting stars

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Not many people know about my obsessions with rock and heavy metal but no one who even knows about my fav songs would expect me to like this song really.

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I know I've pinned this already but since then I've watched the video and oh BOY he is practically sobbing and he looks like he is about to burst into tears it makes me want to cry. It makes my insides hurt

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