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Magazine - Assault Rifle Graphic Illusion Made From Ping Pong Balls

Michael Murphy. Portrait. A new twist on a portrait I like it as it can be done on a laser cutter.


"Sebastian looked sexy as hell despite the fact that his only concession to the Halloween dress code was to team his tuxedo with a mask. But it was a white Phantom of the Opera mask, which covered the right side of his face, leaving his scar exposed and making him look both dangerous and alluring in equal measure." - Kindred Hearts by Grace Lowrie. #romance #book #Halloween


Wearing fearsome masks and imposing costumes these fantastical creatures make a terrifying sight. These costumed men are taking part in the ancient ritual of Kukeri at the Surva International Festival of Masquerade Games in the village of Pernik, Bulgaria. Terrifyingly the men - known as Kukeri - enter houses in the village, clanging their bells to ward off evil spirits. Held at the beginning of February, the tradition has its roots in pre-Roman Bulgaria. Pictured here are a father and son…


Groom ‘Sues New Wife For Fraud’ After Seeing Her Without Make Up For First Time

Groom ‘Sues New Wife For Fraud’ After Seeing Her Without Make Up For First Time (It's funny except it's not. This is what I said to my 28 year old son- "How would you feel if when you were between the ages of 12-15, you were handed a mask, and told "You are expected to wear this at all times, most especially in public, otherwise you will be seen as ugly, unattractive, ill, lazy, uncaring, unprofessional, or worst of all, a liar and a fraud.")


Aztec Mask. I like this mask because of the different materials used to create the texture of the mask. You can clearly identify different materials used! The colours are also very eye catching.

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Hannya (Mask)

Japanese Noh Hannya mask - Hannya mask represents a female serpent-demon filled with malicious jealousy and hatred.