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Pablo Escobar's son talks about growing up in a life of luxury

Pablo Escobar's son talks about growing up in a life of luxury #DailyMail | These are some of the stories. See the rest @ or Video’s @ And @

Son of Pablo Escobar says he KILLED HIMSELF and was NOT shot by police

Juan Pablo Escobar (left), the son of Colombian drug boss Pablo Escobar (right) says he loves his father despite his reign of crime and terror through the South American nation

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Pablo Escobar's son reflects on the high life of his youth

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Pablo Escobars son shares a list of inaccuracies about Narcos on Facebook

My life with the world’s most infamous drug lord: Pablo Escobar’s son reveals the heartbreak, fear of violence and how his father once burnt $2MILLION in cash to keep warm one night on the run

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Pablo Escobar's son Sebastián Marroquín has claimed Frank Sinatra was a business partner of his father.

Drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and his son stand in front of The White House in the early 1980s.

Escobar's son reveals the wealth, violence and fear of his childood

Escobar kept references to his drug smuggling life throughout his estate - including a pl...

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'MY FATHER PABLO ESCOBAR' tells the inside story of the life, death and legacy of Colombia's drug lord Pablo Escobar as seen through the eyes of his only son and the sons of his most prominent victims.

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