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Something Nice

It's a nice Quote , but on a reality stand point , somethings are to late.

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How a Novel Ends

Today,, my world had fallen apart. Everything that mattered to me got taken away in 2 seconds. Now i have absolutely no reason to stay. Won't be long till i'm gone forever...

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This could be awesome as an album cover. I actually wanna paint this on a wall, just for the sake of doing something.

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What I Eat In A Day

Reposting this because I just realized something. None of them have perfect bodies, but they are all beautiful and they have all met people that love them for their personalities, not what they look like. People say that kind of thing all the time, and I just realized it for myself. I love all three of them endlessly ❤️

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Forgiveness is the choice to see people as they are now. When we're mad at people we're angry because of something they said or did before this moment. By letting go of the past, we make room for miracles to replace our grievances. #Foregiveness #MindfulInspiration

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