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Someone Like You Text

Sketchbook/journal ideas . . . I am always thinking, writing and working with images. Fun to think of writing inside the female face, kind of like thinking inside the lines. #art journalling #sketchbook #art journal

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Fashion History Lesson: Grace Kelly

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Just like your doing to her... can't wait for it to all fall apart .. I could just show her the texts but nah I am to classy for that I'll just sit back living my happy life with a real man who respects me and other women and isn't using someone cause they are "LONELY"

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Me: Oh ciel your so freaking cute and scared of thunderstorms just like me and Haruhi! Haruhi: you promised to never tell anyone! Me: oh yeah um sorry....If you want to make things even you c-can t-tell Grell my secret..i-im sure he'll tell everyone... Haruhi: what secret? Me: you know the secret *cough* Triplets *cough*

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Hearts & Swirls - ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring fillers, hearts, backgrounds, doodles, text, quotes, effects, borders, phrases and pattern

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The simplicity of love will never cease to amaze me. If you ever question someone's love for you, listen, sometimes it's said in different ways.

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It's okay to get something permanently etched into your skin just because it's pretty and you like it.

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