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"Please hold ... I suddenly have to go bang my head against a wall". | Confession Ecard |

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This is something I would say in real life... because I don't have a filter... inside thoughts become outside thoughts before I even know it!

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What’s so bad about menopause? What is the worst part of menopause, what makes it so hideous? We women are tough, resilient creatures and have a high tolerance of pain and stress. We keep working when we have ‘flu, we hardly notice if we have a cold, we put everyone and everything before our own needs. We are strong, supportive, loving, amazing people. The lynchpin of the family.

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I dont mind going to work, but this 8 hour wait to go home is bullshit.

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This two-hour meeting was almost as productive as a single, well-written email. | Workplace Ecard

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No, I have looked again, and it says quite clearly that you are a total twat.

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Opening a new hour days), going to days a week), studying for 5 midterms, 1 five page paper, 2 finance assignments, 1 stats assignment, laundry, cleaning for company coming this weekend. Lord, help me.

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This is for everyone who has not walked in my shoes, yet wants to share with the world everything I am doing wrong.

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