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I gave you that power because I loved you and trusted you completely. I have never been closer to anyone else and after everything we had been through, I never could imagine you could be so cold and heartless towards me.


Monopoly Decoupage Coasters! This gave us an idea to create a Monopoly board game decoupage table and to stick all these Monopoly notes on the perimeter of this game board.


My Chemical Romance | I know most of their fan base wouldn't be around either. Not because they physically saved our lives, but because they showed us how to save ourselves.

from BBC Good Food

Custard tart

I loved her custard tart the best, and if I went to stay there would always be one cooling on the kitchen table. Well, as long as Ryan hadn’t got there first. He had a habit of convincing Gran to give said pies to him. He used to come up with some wacky claims, and I really think Gran gave in simply for the imagination in them. - "Her Secret Past" by Victoria Blisse


This elegant Porch was manufactured in our Nottingham workshop, Steve and I then travelled for two days all the way over to Switzerland where we installed it, well, I just tidied up, Steve did the real work!  The porch installation gave Steve a new challenge in some respects as the house is basically a highly insulated ‘shell’ leaving …


As much as I miss my favorite band, if Gerard died I don't know how it would be. I hope Bandit knows that her father gave up something he loved, so she can still have a band.


If Levi smiled the fandom would die. We'd all just go, 'Well now he's happy.' He'll smile at the end. Make it happen Isayama. Don't mess the ending up.