Hello, I am Sandpaw. The older cats call me respectful and swift, but I feel I'm not quite as perfect as they think... thankfully they do not know of my kittypet origins...or that I train with the Dark Forest... I have a crush on Runningpaw. (Female, played by me)

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Somali cat, aka the long-haired Abysinnian. Don't let it outside, it may be mistaken for a fox!

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Vintage Editorials: The Somali Girl and Max...Scanned from Beauty in VOGUE 1976 by Miss Booty Barefoot. Vintage Fashion visibly explored in all it's glory!

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Silver Somali Cat I wish Anabelle wasn't so territorial so we could get her a Silver sister. So pretty.

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Somalian Cat - almost dog-like, they are affectionate, love company, but don't love the cold!

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