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Extreme rock climber Alex Honnold tackles cliff faces around the globe

Alex Honnold on the northwest face of Half Dome in Yosemite… It gets even scarier when you read his description of the photo… My back is to the cliff wall and below is a sheer drop. It is part of the route to the top and has to be traversed by all...

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Travel Photographer of the Year: What was the best?

Out on the road - Atlantic Ocean Road Norway ….Stay cheap and comfortable on your stopover in Oslo: and


This is a exercise for writers block that I love doing: Take this picture and write a metaphor, a poem, sentence, paragraph or story about it.

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Daredevil Frenchman dubbed 'Spiderman' summits 317metre skyscraper... and climbs into the record books with the amazing ascent without a rope

Alain Robert - is a Frechman with an unusual hobby: he free climbs the world’s tallest buildings. Urban climbing (or “buildering” as some call it) has been around for over a hundred years, but has achieved greater exposure over the last couple decades thanks to globalized media. It’s usually done barehanded, without ropes or safety equipment, mostly because climbing buildings is illegal in most major cities.

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Don't look down! Daredevil free-climber tackles 'world's highest sea cliff' while taking time out to enjoy breathtaking views

Dave MacLeod becomes first person to free-climb 1,000ft high St John's head on the Isle of Hoy in Scotland. Vertigo?


'Pears 12th September' - by Anna Mason | Watercolour on illustration board | solo exhibition at The Royal Horticultural Society's garden at Wisley, Surrey, UK.

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Hiking the Yosemite Mist Trail

A guide to hiking in Yosemite - the John Muir and Mist Trail to see Nevada and Vernal Falls -