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How to Make Solid Perfumes


Handmade Solid Perfume Locket

Make your own handmade solid perfume locket! It's easy, fun, and beautiful--and you'll have a one-of-a-kind scent to take with you everywhere you go. {}


DIY Easy Solid Perfume

A quick and easy project that makes a great gift. Learn how to make a natural perfume with essential oils that is very practical for traveling or bringing with you in your purse. Comes with an example citrus blend recipe.


Homemade Solid Perfume Recipe

This easy homemade solid perfume recipe makes a wonderful homemade gift idea for the holidays! Tuck these solid perfumes into the stockings of your favorite scent divas or simply create your own amazing fragrance line for yourself!


Sandalwood and Vanilla Solid Perfume Recipe

How To Make Sandalwood & Vanilla Solid Perfume Ingredients Makes about 1/3 cup 4 tablespoons grated, packed beeswax 4 tablespoons jojoba, almond or a very mildly scented olive oil 27-32 drops sandalwood essential oil 27-32 drops vanilla oil (usually sold diluted in jojoba or another base oil) 25-30 drops grapefruit essential oil 20-25 drops bergamot essential oil