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Conical Solar Panels . Even for photovoltaic (PV) panels, there’s such a thing as too much sun—when cells overheat, they become less efficient. V3Solar solved that problem with Spin Cell, a conical array that floats on magnets. An outer cone made of specialized lenses concentrates bands of sunlight on an inner cone covered with PV cells. The cells capture light energy but spin away before thermal energy can transfer.

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I was inspired to build efficient, cheap, and fully home-made diy solar panels by studying ingenious solar thermal system shown on the c...

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I built a small version of this and it increased air temp from 72 degrees to 137 degrees with only 32 cans. I'm going to built a larger version this fall using approx. 140 cans.

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There is no valid reason not to include stuff like this in new construction. Wish I'd been aware of it when I designed my house. There would several such panels to conserve energy.

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World's First Integrated Solar System Generates Electricity and Heat

integrated solar system, electricity and heat, Australian Renewable Energy Agency, solar PV, solar thermal

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A great way to save money on utility bills is to use solar power for your home. One item that can really be useful is to have a solar thermal water heater.

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Domestic Sector Historically the payback period for investments in rooftop renewable energy technology (especially in the absence of government subsidies) has

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