A Season Simulator animation to demonstrate how and why changes in photo period and sunlight angle occur. What a great find for third grade science teachers!


The putative "Planet Nine" may have tilted the entire solar system, researchers say. computer simulations suggest that the tilt of the eight official planets can be explained by the gravitational influence of Planet Nine "over the 4.5-billion-years-ish lifetime of the solar system,"


itsfullofstars: “ Stellarium is a free 3D planetarium program that depicts the night sky from almost any large celestial body in the Solar System (including Pluto and its moon, Charon). It includes realism features such as the simulation of...

Jupiter bumped giant planet OUT of the solar system

This space isn't big enough for the two of us! Jupiter bumped giant planet OUT of the solar system four billion years ago | Daily Mail Online

A collection of 5 unexpected and intriguing facts about our solar system – our sun and its family of planets – you probably did not know

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