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solar panels for home use | How Many Solar Panels Needed To Power A Home? - Energy Matters

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Solar Tiles v Solar Panels: "Tiles, technically speaking, are photovoltaic cells that mimic traditional roof shingles. They first became commercially available in 2005; at that time, they were more expensive than panels, but recent market forces have driven down the cost, so now the prices are equivalent." - that's in the US, of course. | Century Roof & Solar

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Stained Concrete Floors, in-floor heat, passive solar home. Smart Homes of Minnesota, LLC (mid construction)

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great passive solar design- I would plant row of deciduous trees in front of glass so that in the winter that could act as a giant trombe wall but be shaded to keep it cool in the summer. Trees that max out at 2 stories would allow south face 3rd level roof to accommodate panels!

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3 Amazing Eco Homes in the United Kingdom

Exterior: Windows facing south. Green roof for insulation, solar panels to collect energy (technology). The "Eco Arch" home (Kent, England) eco design.

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