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Transparent flexible SOLAR CELLS new dimension to greenhouse & accommodation design. The new breed cells produced in smoked glass & coloured gel packs which stick onto existing windows, or in a 'sandwich' of double or triple glazed panels. Each panel has conductor connectors at the corners, basic frame made of aluminium, carbon fibre or powder-coated iron forged and bolted together, a quick and simple structure, electrical conduit built-in…

SoloPower rolls out flexible rooftop solar panels


Sun Roof: Solar Panel Shingles Come Down in Price, Gain in Popularity

Cool! Sun Roof: Solar Panel Shingles Come Down in Price, Gain in Popularity ~~ Photovoltaic roof shingles, which are tax-subsidized and easier to install than bolt-on panels, have become a viable option for homeowners looking to lower their electric bills


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Solar Tiles v Solar Panels: "Tiles, technically speaking, are photovoltaic cells that mimic traditional roof shingles. They first became commercially available in 2005; at that time, they were more expensive than panels, but recent market forces have driven down the cost, so now the prices are equivalent." - that's in the US, of course. | Century Roof & Solar


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