(Make new t-shirts feel soft as an old well worn favorite.) T-shirt Brine, this version is supposed to work better

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Using just a bit of salt and warm water, you can make a brand new t-shirt feel as soft and fluffy as your favorite vintage tee. Really!

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No more "new" t-shirt feel! The process is really simple. Fill a bucket with 1 quart of water and 1/2 cup of salt. Submerge the shirt in the water and let it sit in the salt water for three days. After three days, wash it as you normally would. When you're done, your stiff new shirt will magically be as soft as your favorite vintage t-shirt.

The secret to vintage-soft tees is already in your kitchen. Recipe to soften t-shirt. I'm not sure if it works or is gentle on clothing. I haven't tried it.

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