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How to cure pancetta. I'm going to do this just as soon as I can track down some "pink salt". I bought the pork belly today, which came in an unmarked ziplock bag from the freezer case of an Asian grocery store. I'm glad I asked, or I never would have found it!

from goodtoknow

Salt beef

Making your own salt beef is a bit of an undertaking, it's not complicated or difficult but there are several steps to the process and you need to let it soak in a pickling mixture for about 7 days. However, having said that when salted and cooked it is melting tender, falls apart and is delicious piled onto bagels or rye bread with plenty of pickles and mustard. Traditionally saltpetre or sodium nitrite is used in the salting mixture to keep the meat pink, you can buy it from some sausage…


How To Make The Most Delicious Beef Jerky Ever - If SHTF, I won't be eating the expensive store-bought beef jerky--the kind packed with salt and sodium nitrites (which has been linked to cancer). I'll be eating my own beef jerky. It's healthy, delicious, and far cheaper.

from One Good Thing by Jillee

6 Common Food Additives You Should Avoid

Avoid Nitrates and Nitrites in Food | Healthy Child Healthy World; processed meats (including deli meats!) contain artificial nitrates and nitrites which have been linked to many health problems including diabetes!!!