INTJ | But in truth, instead of being socially awkward, we're just too awesome for most people to get us

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"Normal Person: oops I said the wrong thing... whatever Me: oops I said the wrong thing... thinks about it for 3 years"

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"My strict parents think they raised me to be respectful and polite. They actually raised me to be socially awkwardly and sneaky af"

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This is so me. I'm the most socially awkward person you'll ever meet ;)

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Story of my life!! I could be Elizabeth Bennett or Loki of Asgard if I didn't stutter. I swear.

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Socially Awkward Penguin (As a pedestrian, I actually do this but when I'm a driver I'm don't care how long they take)

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I hate having social anxiety; I have to mentally prepare myself for ten minutes just to say "here" during attendance.

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