Samburu society is a gentocracy, meaning older people are given the highest social status,...

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So true.... I won't remember the kind of car you drive, your social status or how wealthy you are but I will remember how you treated others and me.

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Alcohol dependence is a worldwide epidemic that affects people from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and social status. Many addicts relapse before they actually get clean and sober.

Manual Driving Made Easy Servicing Mount (Mt) Waverley and surrounding Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia

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The Tenth House House of Social Status The Tenth House is commonly referred to as the House of Social Status. It is about the place we have attained...

Hairstyles come and go but braided hair is an ancient beauty technique with a long and literally winding history that roams across countries, cultures and centuries. Braids have made appearances on the heads of men and women throughout history, indicating everything from utility to glamor, social status to ethnicity, marital status to even religious affiliation.

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Women see this as "We should do something about that." Men have been nagatively socialized to see this as "See, women can't run companies. Leave it to the men."

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CC Love this girl and her advice: Advice to my high school self: 1. It's all about perspective. 2. Don't worry about timing. 3. It's good to experiment. 4. Appreciate your lifestyle. 5. Social status doesn't matter.

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