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Sennefer: Replica Panel Sizes: 24” x 32” | 32” x 48” Tomb of the Vines - Sheikh Adb el-Qurna The Ancient Egyptian noble Sennefer was “Mayor of the City” Thebes, during the reign of Amenhotep II of the 18th dynasty. This Fresco from the burial chamber depicts Sennefer seated beneath a stylized sycamore tree. His wife Meryt is shown much smaller as is the typical of the Egyptian style to show social status. He is holding a lotus flower and a sekhem sceptre as a symbol of power and authority…


Women see this as "We should do something about that." Men have been nagatively socialized to see this as "See, women can't run companies. Leave it to the men."

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Jurassic Coast's status as World Heritage site in jeopardy from off-shore windfarm that would blight views across the Channel

Jurassic Coast's status as World Heritage site in jeopardy from off-shore… #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists


35 Hilarious Jokes Only True Pretty Little Liars Fans Will Understand

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The problem with many men, is that they will do anything for a woman except let her be herself. Many men have been conditioned to believe that women should serve them. This seems to be the case wherever I travel to. We compliment women on their looks, the looks that they are born with, genetically out of their control. So we praise some women over others, giving women who some men deem aesthetically attractive elevated social status. But it only elevates them to a place beneath men… - By now, you’ve probably heard all about Pokémon Go, and you may have even played it yourself. Players have flocked to this augmented reality game that allows them to "catch" Pokémon on their phones...Tweeted by @ezybizmedia