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Here are some social skills worksheets I put together for my class. These are some of the issues we deal with on a daily basis. I boug...


Free, printable "folder stories." Simple one page social stories that teach appropriate social skills and behavior.


101 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills

Includes 101 ready-to-use, reproducible activities to help children improve their social skills. Topics include communicating; expressing your feelings; caring about yourself and others; problem solving; listening; standing up for yourself; and understanding and managing conflict.


How to Run a Social Skills Group Many of our children with language delays also have trouble with social skills. This post has so many AWESOME ideas divided into plans for preschoolers, elementary, and middle/high school students. GREAT information. Read more at:


Social Skills Challenge

I want social skill activities for my kids to mean something. Sometimes these lessons turn into more talk and less action. I’ve tried games but wanted something my kids could take back and do in their classrooms. This challenge is great for children with Autism or small groups working on social skills to apply and actually use what you have been working on!