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Social Services Food Stamps

Searching for social services (housing, food stamps, Medical etc.)? All you have to do is call 211 to be connected to the menu of all departments anywhere in the U.S. 211 recognizes caller ID and will directly connect you with the agencies in your area - or you may visit their site. I saw a MediCal worker use this resource as I sat in front of her with a family member.


Social Services, Shenandoah Valley Social Services, Staunton and Augusta County, Benefits Program, food stamps assistance, Service Programs,...

D.C. social services worker admits to scheme to steal $800,000 in Medicaid, food stamps – D.C. Crime Stories


Republican Voters Approve Of Food Stamp Cut

Food Stamp Cut Popular With Republican Voters...Know who to vote for...You never know when you may need social services they love to cut..With no regard to the needy or poor.*

"About Child Abuse and Child Neglect...You can get more information about procedures and your rights from North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 7B. For additional information please refer to Janet Mason's Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect in North Carolina (second edition, 2003) Page Modified 10/15/2012"


"McDowell Department of Social Services...the largest expense...overall budget of $38.4 million. DSS covers $9.8 million, or 25.52 largest item in the county’s budget is the public school system...$7.9 million. McDowell DSS gets $6.8 million in federal and state revenues. So that means, the actual amount of local money going to DSS is $2.9 million...pass-through programs such as food stamps...and Medicaid are not reflected in these numbers...County Manager Chuck…

Proposed GOP Bill Would Make Deep Cuts To Social Safety Net

Sad: House GOP Legislation Would Cut Food Stamps, Social Services, Health Care to protect Military Budget


"Pender County Commissioners on Monday largely ignored a request from the director of the Department of Social Services who said her staff needs help with food stamp and Medicaid issues stemming from glitches in the new NC FAST computer system. DSS Director Dr. Reta Shiver...."


Fix N.J. food stamp backlog by hiring more workers, anti-poverty leaders say

TRENTON — State and county government leaders can fix New Jersey's backlog of food stamp applications that has left thousands of people waiting for benefits by hiring more caseworkers, social service agency and labor leaders told an Assembly panel today....