Tributes to the social reformer & maker of "Modern India" Raja Ram Mohan Roy ji on his death anniversary. Let us strive to follow his footsteps. #harsimratkaurbadal #akalidal #foodprocessing

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Kanshi Ram was a indian politician of india. Kanshi Ran was an social reformer who worked for the upliftment and political mobilization of the Dalits , the untouchable groups at the bottom of india'a caste system. He was born on 15 march 1934 and dies on october 9 2006.

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This Throwback Thursday we pay our respects to one of the greatest social reformers of India. #ThrowbackThursday, #Derozio, #education, #educator

Remembering #SavitribaiPhule, a social reformer, a poet and India's first woman teacher on her 186th Birth Anniversary. #BestPis #ASmartApp4SmartMumbaikar #PassengerInformationService #KnowUrBESTBus #BESTBuses

Sant Kabirdas (1440-1518 circa) was a famous poet, saint and social reformer of India. #sant #kabirdas #Guruji #ThandaiProducts #Indore

Chinnaswami Subramania Bharatiyar was an Indian writer, poet, journalist, Indian independence activist and social reformer from Tamil Nadu, India. Popularly known as "Mahakavi Bharatiyar", he is a pioneer of modern Tamil poetry and is considered one among the greatest of Tamil literary figures of all time. His numerous works were fiery songs kindling patriotism and nationalism during Indian Independence movement.

India has had more than its share of Social Reformers

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