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Here are 7 Social Media mistakes every small business should avoid. There's no question that social media marketing is a major tactic used by all kinds of small businesses. But, while many businesses see the value in social media marketing, not all of them are using social media effectively. Read the full post here:

7 Social Media mistakes every small business should avoid.

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Social media checklist for business

Checklist para Social Media Managers This is good information to keep in mind when deciding what kind of media exposure is best for a new business

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Facebook Marketing Should Focus on Shares Not Likes »

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2017 is going to see a significant change in the way consumers will be using social media. Thus, you need to anticipate the shifting pattern of consumer behavior on social media and adapt your marketing strategy accordingly. Here are major social media marketing trends that are expected in 2017:

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017

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Did you know that 69 percent of digital marketers creating more content now than they did one year ago. And that 62 percent of business want to create more engaging, higher quality content. Delivering pitch perfect content to a receptive audience means s

Médias sociaux : comment gérer les commentaires négatifs

Médias sociaux : gérer les commentaires négatifs

How To Manage Negative Social Media Comments - great resource for small business, startups, nonprofits, and social enterprise alike! Grow your business on auto-pilot

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6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Social Media Sites

Get better results on social media by posting at the right times. Find out the ideal when and where for you.

Best Times to Post on Social Media - Almost Practical LLC

Check out these fun and useful facts about current social media consumption! #socialmedia #socialmeditips

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Explore your business with Social Media. Ask how to increase ROI of your Business using a best Social Media Strategy.

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5 tips for making a successful video. While check out To help you achieve your social media goal, all in one place.