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Social media is a huge part of being a human in the information age. It is how we've become accustomed to keeping in touch, and up to date with the most popular trends and our friends/acquaintances lives. People create different accounts on various social media applications to display aspects of their lives.


Adventskalender Tür #22

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10 Marketing Experiments You Can Run Yourself to Improve Your Reach on Social Media

One of my goals through Media Communications is to reach people through Social Media Marketing. In order to improve and reach a larger audience online I will learn marketing skills

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How to Add Social Media Buttons to Wordpress

Last week, I shared my first freebie with all of you: 3 sets of social media icons and 3 ribbons in this year’s Pantone color of the year. Thank you so much to everyone who has downloaded them or given me feedback! One of the questions I’ve been getting is how to install the icons so I’ve created this tutorial for those of you who use WordPress. If you use Blogger, Angela at A Typical <a class="more-link"…


If you use WordPress and social media marketing is important to your business, here are some awesome plugins you can use to boost your social media shares.


Many themes and templates already include a set of social media icons or buttons. But perhaps you don’t like the ones with your template, or perhaps you don’t like where they are by default and want to set up your own. Setting them up in a nice neat row can also free up valuable space …

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5 Quick Blog Makeover Tips

Future play: Working with social media. Play personality: Explorer. Trying and exploring new social media. Qualities of play: Continuation desire. I always like to download new social media apps or check out new sites. I like to play around and try different things out to see how they work. If I like doing it now, why not like it even more later?