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Social injustice examples

How activism forced Nike to change its ethical game

Many large corporations have built factories in developing countries such as China, where they can get away with paying workers little to nothing for long working hours and harsh working conditions. One company that came under fire for sweatshops was Nike, who moved their factories from the US to Taiwan, Vietnam, China and South Korea to bypass US working regulations. Campaigns spread word about Nike’s child labour and unethical practices, damaging their reputation and forcing them to repair…

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I really don't understand how people say feminism was a thing for the past and needs to stay there

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You guys may not agree with this post. It is a woman's choice. If she wants an abortion, you do not get to choose for her that she doesn't. No one HAS to get one. No one HAS to not get one. IT IS THEIR OWN CHOICE!!!!

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Credit crunch Christmas cards for a Great Depression and Hungry New Year snapped up

!! This ^ same can be said for here in the UK (obviously different examples for where else my tax money will go)

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#MalcolmX #oppression It's still happening... A few examples: A discussion of the terrorism propaganda that has been used to justify wars of aggression in the name of a so-called democracy, &that has been painting victims as criminals, another example is given by whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg who talks about the unjustified, criminal wars in Vietnam and Irak. Another example…

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A True Visionary.... A good example of this when people observe a bully and do nothing. What does your school teach about bullying? And the difference between a tattle-tale vs things that need told? (Do I turn you in if you don't know? Hmm, tattle or need? I know you well enough this part isn't serious. xo )

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Massacre of the slaves who did not die in vain: THE ZONG BY JAMES WALVIN

Black hole: Slaves on The Zong lived in these conditions for a year before they even left the shores of Africa

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i've had men tell me that if I can't discuss rape or injustice calmly then I shouldn't speak at all. They ignore the fact that I could give multiple examples from that day alone.

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