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I have felt this same way so many times. The relief of getting back to your domain (your seat) and knowing you don't have to do that for a while is amazing. Then you feel it...that inconveniently timed urge to pee...and it all starts again.

happens too often. Most of the time I stay quiet because 1. I'm not admitting that I am quiet, because I'm really not, I just don't know you 2. Some unintelligent thing will come out of my mouth if I open it and 3. What's the point in telling them why I'm quiet when they wouldn't understand or care or stick around long enough anyways

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29 Times Socially Anxious People Almost Dropped Out Of College

Or awkwardly WANTING to go out with everyone on Friday night, but making excuses for why you want to stay in, anyway. | 29 Times College Was a Nightmare for Socially Anxious People

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Anxiety Awareness Bracelet

Show your support and help raise awareness with our Anxiety Awareness Bracelet! Remember, not all wounds are visible! We want to encourage people to recognize symptoms and seek treatment - and to give

Yeah sometimes my arms and legs will literally lose their ability to hold themselves and they'll just kinda flop coz I've used up all my nervous energy.

This is how I feel right now but I don't want to tell my best friend because I feel like my problems don't matter compared to her problems.