Esta es Lionel Messi rodeado de numerosos premios de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA. Él ha estado en la Copa del Mundo antes. También ha estado en muchos juegos chmpionship y ganado muchos títulos.

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Sometimes you have to play a role instead of being the star of the show.Take pride in being a team player and helping your team succeed.

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Everyone will doubt you until you achieve your goals. Get used to it. When it comes to doubters you have two options: listen to their negativity or let it motivate you. Who is doubting you? How are you going to prove them wrong? Share below and inspire each other.

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I have watched my own son practice, train and play until he not only succeeded in the game, but surpassed not even my hopes for him in the game, but his own. He has more than rose to the occasion many times over, and I'm sure will continue to do so! Soccer is The way of life for him!

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Soccer Inspiration

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