Stand up for your best friend (boyfriend)! #Johnlock

I don't ship johnlock because I don't believe that two people who love each other have to be in love with each other. Yes, I think friendship can be that beautiful.

Apologies for language XP but it's too perfect not to pin

Ahhhh some of these got me like, "Why not just rip my heart out?

I dont ship johnlock but it gets more and more obvious

I still don't understand - Sherlock (BBC) - Sherlock & John - johnlock

"As far as the British government is concerned..." Mycroft IS the British government.

Submission by superavengewhopotterlocklintrek. ---I'm not one for Johnlock anything, but this is funny.<< How can you not ship them? I ship Johnlock!

This is just really funny!!!

Imagine if that was on a case and Lestrade hears and he and John just go into a giggle fit. I don't ship them, but what if Sherlock had the most adorable sneeze ever?


OMG XD just seeing the look of "oh god no" on his face in mind lol XD <<< even thought I don't ship it, some of this Johnlock stuff is fantastic.

This reminds me of the exact dialogue in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Ross marries Emily but says "I, take thee Rachel"

This reminded me of friends. And Mycroft gasping from watching over security camera would happen.

Mystrade And Johnlock hahaha

And imagine how confused the person would be and then John and Sherlock would just bust into giggles. (: << Yes XD