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Full Body Smith Machine Workout Routine


My favorite lower body workout on the Smith machine Weighted donkey kick 15reps, kneeling squat 15reps, leg press 10reps, smith squat 10reps. Repeat 3xs Getting fast muscle hydration with my @ehplabs BCAAs. All of their supplements are the best Use code amanda10 for 10% off


Sometimes exercises are more effective when done in combination with other exercises .. Smith Machine Donkey Kicks into a Smith Machine 1-Legged Hip Thrust.. Perform the donkey kick on one leg (10-15 reps), flip around and go right into the hip thrust with that same leg on the ground (15-18 reps) and SQUEEZE your butt as you lift your hips off the ground.. Complete glute burnout .. @conqherfitvideos @squatvideos @squatguide @squatgirlsguide @squatpage @squatadvice @legworkout @legvid...


We just finished a killer chest workout! We finished up doing drop sets of push ups (using different heights on the smith machine).