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Here’s what every emoticon really means

The guy from the bathroom company came to visit for measurements. He fancies himself as a bit of a profiler. He was convinced he had walked into a bachelor pad because of the car/bike + "masculine" living room decor. All the l/r decor was my idea. (all channelled from my divine masculine side a year and a half ago lol)

A laughing emoji which at small sizes is often mistaken for being tears of sadness. This emoji is laughing so much that it is crying tears of joy. This emoji has been in the top 10 most…

Emoji's Drawing

Emoji's Drawing

The First All-Emoji Art Show Announced | Co.Design | business + design [PICS]:

The First All-Emoji Art Show Announced

MAKING ALL 56 SMILEY EMOJIS! ☺ DIY Polymer Clay Tutorial

Super cute emoji polymer clay pieces that can turn into magnets for a nice touch in your locker ,refrigerator, etc