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Creative Writing 101

I’ve compiled and categorised this list of creative writing resources for writers who are studying their craft without a tutor. I hope you find it useful! Core Study Materials Creative Writing Syllabus Creative Writing Reading List Creative Writing Toolkit Literary Theory Mythology Module 1: Preparation Brainstorming Idea Engine Genre mindmaps Creation criteria Warm-ups & freewriting Write-alongs Flash fiction prompts…

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4 Really Cool Ways Teachers Use Post-it Notes in the Classroom

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SMART criteria - Wikipedia

From one of the elementary teachers in my district (Kristy White). Great presentation of daily objectives for each subject area written as "I can" statements.

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Breakfast on a blackboard. This is such a cool idea! Would be kinda neat for serving charcuterie at a restaurant - then you wouldn't forget all those cheese your server rambled off.

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Writing Checklist - Narrative

Writing Checklist - A great beginning for a developing ability to write. It breaks writing into sections that a student can work on at a time. MamaPat

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Here Are Some Business Goals That Follow the SMART Criteria

SMART goal setting is an effective process for setting and achieving your business goals. Review these examples that provide clear and easy-to-follow SMART goal examples.

How to Set SMART Business Goals

This SMART goal setting worksheet will help you measure your business goals against the SMART criteria in order to determine if your goals are achievable and worthy of your time.