Am I the only one who is ready for this Winter to be over? Spring Break is right around the corner and we still have freezing temperatures ...

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Quiet Critters - place on children's desks during lessons if they are working quietly.

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The children a write their own targets which are displayed on this target board. The closer the children are to reaching their target the closer to bullseye their arrow moves. This gets refreshed half termly even if targets aren't met to keep targets relevant and SMART.

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First day back to school! Each class does a portrait of themselves in a different color. Use crayons, pencils etc. Display like the color wheel!

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I have used this is my classroom for three years. It works like a charm. The students love to see how many gum balls they can earn during the given time. I have either set the timer for the full amount of work time or set it for smaller increments of time. As a reward, if they reach the goal, I sometimes give a piece of bubble gum, or something toward a classroom goal for some other reward...For example I might give them a letter toward building the word Compliments.

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