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Pre-Order Cool My Camper Air Conditioning - smallest/ most power light camper AC i've seen - could connect to main battery and run as van AC - might be cheaper/easier than installing a standard AC system - probably cheaper overall to just not be home during the day


Dometic Air Conditioner. Probably the smallest air conditioning unit we'll install this year but it gives great performance #AirConditioning #Dometic #Cooling #ClimateControl

The cost to replace an evaporative air conditioner system is from $2,600 installed for the smallest model which includes new controller and up to around $4,000 for a standard installation. Price depends on brand, unit size and ease of installation.…

This 2800 watt inverter provides super-quiet power capable of running many types of small appliances. This machine is powerful enough to power most 13,500 BTU RV air conditioners. This inverter also offers the benefits of Honda's Eco-Throttle and can run up to 20 hours on a single tank of gas depending on the load! This is the smallest inverter that Honda offers with electric start, probably not necessary at this wattage, but a nice bonus and peace of mind.