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3 Step DAILY Small Waist Workout Routine

Working *THESE* muscles are the key to a flatter stomach & smaller waistline! Plus, this waist stretch really helps to elongate!

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How To Get A Smaller Waist and Bigger Hips ‎(2017 Guide

How To Get A Small Waist and Bigger Butt 2017

30 Minute Tight Core Summer Workout For Women

To get a toned belly and a small waist, women need to target all layers of muscles and hit the midsection from different angles. This Tight Core Summer Workout is designed to cinch your waist, strengthen your core and give you a tighter tummy!

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The Waist Training Epedemic

7 day waist slimming challenge...not sure about waist training hours a day(not to start out with anyway). I would recommend starting at 1 hour the first day then adding 30 mins to an hour daily. Or whatever is comfortable. :-)

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Discover Oblique Exercises that will help you get a tiny waist in this Oblique Ab Workout for Women from trainer Christina Carlyle.

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