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New spray-on solar technology can turn all windows and other exposed surfaces into solar panels. A film of light absorbing meta-nano-particles is sprayed on surfaces like windows to make them capable of trapping the sunlight and converting it to electricity. Perhaps one of the most advanced solar inventions, spray-on films can generate electricity on see-through glass and even exterior walls. However, this technology is still mostly restricted to the lab.

The Brunton SolarRoll is the choice for adventure travelers throughout the world. The waterproof SolarRoll has given sea kayakers the power to photograph their brunton solarroll 14 solar portable panelvoyages from the far reaches of the planet. The need to recharge batteries is a serious issue for expeditionary and other see-you-in-a-month travelers. SolarRoll cranks out (surprise!) 14 watts of solar power, which is enough to run a small device (camera, ipod) or charge large one (laptop.

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Slate Falls Water Feature with Lights by Gardman

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In this video I'm showing you how I built some solar panels from start to finish I tried to make it as detailed as possible. These panels cost me very little to build and are fun projects for everyone. This is just one way of doing this there are lot's of others doing this and good videos out the

The calculated size of the battery bank, the number and size of the solar panels and the other derived equipment are all comprised into a simple schematic.

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Prefab green home builder to close shop

A prefab green building with integrated solar panels from Michelle Kaufmann Designs. (Credit: James Watts)

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