Flowering Trees & Small Ornamental Trees Perfect for Your Area | Fast Growing Trees

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Ornamental crabapple. Plant one of these for a lavish pop of white, pink, or red flowers each spring.

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GOLDEN FULL MOON UPRIGHT JAPANESE MAPLE Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum' Golden full Moon is a slow-growing, upright deciduous tree. In spring pale yellow-green leaves emerge and hold color well through summer. Fall color in brilliant shades of orange to yellow. Prefers AM sun/PM shade in well-drained soil. Height: 5-6 Feet Spread: 3-4 Feet Hardiness Zone: 5-7

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Dappled Willow Tree A stunning variegated willow tree! One of the most striking ornamental trees! Pretty pink shoots are show-stoppers. Variegated leaves are creamy white and green. Grows 6-8 feet tall. Plant in sun or partial shade. We send 2 1/2 - 4' whips. Zones 4-9.

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