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Small moments writing for big impact with narratives

small moment writing ideas. One of the best ways to teach narrative writing I have EVER used!

I created this small moment planning sheet to go along with our small moment writing unit!(see a full post about how I used this in my classroom on my blog)On this sheet there is one side with lines, that is the side for students to brainstorm and "list"Then on the other side there is just empty boxes, that is where they should have picked from their "list" on the other side and now write key points in the boxes to help get them started in their pre writing Please let me know if you have…

Small Moments Writing ~ Personal Narratives

Small Moments - NOW INCLUDES PAPERS TO PUBLISH WRITING. Do you find it challenging to get your students to stretch their moments and write detailed personal narratives? This packet contains specific strategies, tips and resources to help your students (grades K-3) in the small moment writing process.

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