@Jillian Toves, probably more slender than this. but i like the shape of the pointies.

10 Adorable Small Tattoo Ideas

I feel like when I get a tattoo, I want it to be meaningful. Most people get anchors just cause its nautical and in style. But I want a small anchor on my ankle because I refuse to sink and hope anchors the sole

Tiny anchor tattoo on the ankle.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

28 Cute Anchor Tattoo Designs

Small anchor tattoo with heart best friend tattoos. Scott was mad at Karen when we talked about doing this. He said, "The only anchor in your life should be your husband." Guess we should look at some of the other designs

Tattoo Submission: Nicole (Stuttgart, Germany)

Tattoo Submission: Nicole (Stuttgart, Germany) (Tattoologist)

Tiny anchor tattoo on the right inner ankle….

Tiny anchor tattoo on the right inner ankle

Tiny anchor tattoo on the right inner ankle….-Fed onto Beautiful Ankle Tattoos IdeasAlbum in Tattoos Category

After prom im cutting my nails and painting them white!

Traditionally an anchor tattoo represented hope, trust, stability and sustainability. Check out our beautiful anchor tattoo list.