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Slytherin House Subway Print— Harry Potter Wall Art-- Traits of the Hogwarts House of Slytherin--Green Accent Art Instant Download

This print celebrates the unique traits of the House of Slytherin. *Print does not come with any frame or matte. *Prints are for personal use


These drawings are just...beautiful. Thank you to the artist for taking the time to put the imaginings of millions on paper.


Slytherins: intelligence, determination, cunning, ambition, self-preservation, power. Slytherin helps you on the path to greatness. But greatness has two extremes and we have to be careful, more than any house, not to let these qualities cloud judgment.


Slytherins. This fits me: when i broke up with my best friend, he didin't told me why. So I spent plenty of time trying to understand what happened. I couldn't just give up, even when the situation seemed hopeless. After two years, two fucking years of stubbornness, I found the answer. He had fallen in love with me. Now that I had the answer, I moved on, knowing that he loved me until the end.