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Sloth Predators

Harpy Eagle - the world's largest eagle. If you haven't seen the special about the Harpy on Nature, you must go online and try to find it. Absolutely Amazing bird. I fell in love with this amazing creature!

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The Most Beautiful Animals You've Never Heard Of

Smiling Loris... This guy is freakin adorable - seen a lot of videos of them pop up on facebook lately, this is what that 'thing' is!!

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Facts About Sloths

Sloth Predator

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Everything you need to know about David Attenborough's Planet Earth 2

When it first aired, Planet Earth was groundbreaking. Featuring incredible shots of previously unfilled species - and national treasure Sir David Attenborough narrating - the series was a critical and commercial success.

Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) - Panama; has a wingspan of up to 7 ft and talons that can grow as big as grizzly bear paws; it can swoop up to 50 mph. Literally eats sloths and monkeys for breakfast. Each nestring pair of harpy eagles requires about 7sq mi of rainforest in which to hunt, so they're not getting enough to eat these days.